Central and Eastern Oregon's only independently owned, accredited home infusion service...

At Home Care I.V. the positive synergy within our team of healthcare professionals is readily evident. Experienced pharmacists, registered nurses, technicians, and administrative staff merge their special skills with the goal of exceptional service and positive outcomes. 


Home Care I.V.'s current facility was built in 1999 and is located adjacent to the Saint Charles Medical Center campus. To meet our patient’s needs, our facility was designed to include an ambulatory infusion suite, a higgh-tech "clean room where sterile medications are prepared, an education center and administrative offices.

Our unique ambulatory infusion suite is designed to accommodate patients in a comfortable, home-like setting with reading and television resources. The three chair suite is used to provide infusion therapies and specialty drug treatments not appropriately done in a home setting. 

The pharmacy is equipped with a state-of-the-art clean room including, room air filters and a laminar flow clean bench, which provides a sterile environment necessary for the safe preparation of infusion medications.  



Another amenity, our education center, provides space for the staff’s initial and continuing education training, patient and caregiver instruction and in-service training sessions for other providers. Offices for clinical and administrative staff are also located in our Bend facility.

All staff at Home Care I.V. are provided opportunities for professional growth through clinical continuing education programs both locally and in other locations for extended programs